I am continuing to work from home.
Do contact me if I can help to progress your project.

As we are all on lockdown many of us are now working from home.
I am fortunate to work from a Home Office and I know it takes discipline to avoid distractions at the best of times. Creating a dedicated space within the home or in a garden office is very desirable, it creates a quiet space to work and concentrate away from the family (sorry!) and general day to day domestic distractions.
Even when we are the other side of the current crisis it maybe the “new normal” that many of us will continue to work from home more regularly.

So if you are finding that your property is not right for your needs I am still giving advice and can progress your project for alterations, extensions, loft conversions and home offices etc. and advising on any planning and building control requirements, drop me an email….

and keep safe.