This week I have been researching the best form of heating for a cottage we are extending in a village where there is no mains gas.
The cottage is poorly insulated using economy 7 storage and convector heaters.
It has a 1950’s electric underfloor heating system (so underfloor heating is not such a new thing!) but these systems were notoriously unreliable, though it still works in one room – just.

The client is concerned about rising fuel prices of Oil and LPG and the unsightly storage tanks etc. Heat pumps (air source) still have performance issues in older poorly insulated houses – as well as high installation costs.

So I have been looking at Electric (Combi) Boilers from Thermaflow. 

These boilers claim 99.4% efficiency, they can run on Economy 7 (or 10) can be linked with 2 or 3 thermal Solar Panels and with a Woodburner Stove which will help with the sap calculation. Thermaflow’s running cost show significant savings over LPG and Oil.

week 09

Also CPD (Continuing Professional Development) this week from Proctor Roofshield breathable and vapour/air permeable membranes for roofs. I already specify this product but it was good to discuss the technical details over a lunchtime CPD event.
Nice sandwiches too!

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