Post 34Listed Buildings

Listed Building Consent is required for any internal & external structural alterations or works of extension etc. A Listed Building Consent application is free of planning fee however some applications for extension or change of use etc. will require a Planning application to be made at the same time for which fee is required.

In addition to detailed drawings Listed Building applications require a written Design & Access Statement and a separate Heritage Statement, though these are often merged to form a single Design & Access (Heritage) Statement.

I list below a range of Listed Building Consent applications I have recently submitted;

  • Listed Building Consent & Change of Use for amendments to provide a first floor flat in lieu of an approved Planning & LBC for offices changed to 2no. mews houses and 5 flats.
  • Listed Building Consent to carry out internal alterations and change of use (vacant to “Sui-Generis”) for the Ground Floor alterations for a Beauty/Hair salon.
  • Alteration to form a opening between a Kitchen and Dining room. A seemingly minor application that required a lot of consultation and detailing with the Listed Building Officer to secure an approval.
  • Internal alterations to relocate a basement stairs to it original position and alterations to a ground floor reception room & bedroom providing a new en suite.
  • Replace an existing flat roof rooflight with 2no. rooflights, removal of an existing window and form a painted dummy window to the principle elevation.
  • An LBC application to install a wall mounted gas boiler with external flue.

A general guide to living in a Listed Building can be downloaded here